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Data Vis Talk Topics

All students must give a 15 minute talk on a topic in data visualization. This guide explains the talk topic requirements. See the general Data Vis Talks guide for more details on other requirements.

Associated Assignments Data Vis Talk Topic (Canvas Assignment)

Approved Topics

Date Time Tuesday Date Time Thursday
02/19 12:50p Animated Representations Help Ambiguous Data 02/21 12:50p Visualizing the Vocabulary of Hip-Hop
1:10p A New Way to Make Charts: Charticulator 1:10p Tracking Soccer Movement
1:30p A Declarative Rendering Model for Multiclass Density Maps 1:30p Data Visualization for Traveling in Avalanche Terrain
1:50p T-SNE: Visualize High-Dimensional Data 1:50p Where's My Data? Evaluating Visualizations with Missing Data
2:10p Data Visualization in Medical Research 2:10p The Psychology of Data Visualization
04/04 12:50p Visualizing My Favorite TV Shows
1:10p Nike Vaporfly's: Do they work?
1:30p Building a Connection with Data through Original Visualization
1:50p VR & AR: The Future of Data Visualization
2:10p Visualizing the Data Revolution in Sports
04/23 12:50p The Forgotten Horrors: Non Combat Casualties of American Servicemen 04/25 12:50p ATOM: A Grammar for Unit Visualizations
1:10p Pioneers of Data Visualization: Fernanda ViƩgas 1:10p Feature Visualization
1:30p Keshif: Rapid and Expressive Tabular Data Exploration for Novices 1:30p Evaluating Interactive Graphical Encodings for Data Visualization
1:50p Approach to Deal With Overdraw 1:50p What Makes a Scientific Visualization Memorable
2:10p Data Visualization in Video Games 2:10p How to Effectively Present Ideas to VCs using Data Visualization
05/07 12:50p Major League Baseball Statistics
1:10p Wrestling with Data
1:30p Offense Evolution of NBA Teams

Selecting Topics

Students must propose a talk topic at least 1 week before the talk, but are strongly encouraged to select a topic much sooner. When approved, topics will be posted on the schedule above. Topics will be approved in the order they are submitted, regardless of when your talk is scheduled.

All students are encouraged to use the Data Visualization Resources guide to find topics. Each student must select a unique topic and present content not already shown in class. Before submitting a topic, check the class schedule and the already approved topics above to avoid any overlap.

CS 360

For undergraduate students registered for CS 360, valid topics include any tools, techniques, examples, books, blogs, podcasts, or important persons (historical or current) in data visualization that have not already been discussed during class. The topics can be from the broader field of data visualization, including scientific visualization, visual analytics, information dashboards, data storytelling, informative art, infographics, and so on. The General Topics may be especially helpful for selecting a topic.

CS 560

For graduate students registered for CS 560, valid topics include any data visualization research paper published in an academic venue such as an academic conference or journal. Students are encouraged to choose a research paper that (a) the authors have posted a free PDF, (b) there is an available online demo, and/or media (such as high-resolution screenshots), and (c) there are presentation or demonstration videos publicly available. The Open Access VIS resource may be especially helpful for selecting a paper.