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Midterm Groups

Instead of a midterm exam, all students must complete a midterm group project. This guide explains the requirements for the midterm project groups. See the Midterm Project page for more details on other requirements.

Associated Assignments Midterm Project Group (Canvas Assignment)

 FYI: The group requirements recently changed due to the increased enrollment in this class.

Group Requirements

Each group may have 2 to 4 students from the same section. Undergraduate and graduate students may not belong to the same midterm project group.

There is a maximum of 12 groups total. If this maximum is exceeded, groups of two students may be asked to combine.

The amount of work required for the midterm project will depend on the number of people in the group. This includes the required number of visualizations and the length of presentation time.

Forming Groups

Students are welcome to form their own groups. If you do not know who you want to group with, visit the “Search for Teammates!” post on Piazza to form a group:

To officially join a group, visit the People section in Canvas and select the “Groups” tab. Look for the “Midterm Project” group set. Add yourself to the same group as your teammates.

This is a required step for each student!

Group Names

After a group is officially created on Canvas (see above), one member of each group must submit their group name in the following assignment:

The group name can be fun, but must be professional. This name will be used to create the Github repository for the project websites, should be used in the project materials (e.g. website, presentation, etc.), and will be listed on the public course schedule.

Only one student per group needs to submit the group name. If you are unable to submit a name, double-check that you have officially joined a group on Canvas.

 For your group to earn credit, both steps must be completed! This includes forming groups on Canvas and the submission of a group name.